Tuesday, November 04, 2008

election day

It's an exciting day (kind of)! I hope that whoever wins can be someone who is truly a "maverick" in terms of not going along with his party's or his lobbyists' policies out of peer (or monetary) pressure, but will do what is right. I hope he will do what is right for all people, not just for Americans. I hope he will listen tot he deep, inner voice of truth, and let nothing drown that out. I hope he will live with integrity, and focus on the needs of our country and our world, rather than on winning re-election in four years. I hope he will act in ways that can make us proud to be Americans again--which means ways that make us proud to be humans and members of this planet.

May the best man win, and may he, beating all odds, become an even better man once he's in office!

(You may say I'm a dreamer / but I'm not the only one. / I hope someday you'll join us / and the world will live as one!)

1 comment:

Joy said...

I hope he does become a better man in office cause he's heading there soon!

I have the same hopes as you.

Thanks for sharing.