Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This will be short because I'm on my iPod, but I just wanted to say that the other day I felt really convicted about water usage. It's one of those good-for-the-Earth things I've kind of ignored because I like long hot showers. But I was reading the latest National Geographic issue the other day and it's all about water. It said women around the world often have to walk almost 4 miles per day to get water. This wasn't new to me, it just made more of an impact this time.

I was thinking how American women have to run four miles per day (& then take a shower) to rid ourselves of our over-consumption.

So: confession. I don't shower every day anyway. But when I do I usually take a long shower. So it's my goal to at least start taking shorter showers (maybe I'll time them), and not run the water while washing my hands.

My hubby, who gets understandably tired of me bringing up more and more causes, said it doesn't do any good because we have so much water here that it's not like conserving it will help people around the world, so maybe this is just an act of solidarity. But maybe if we all conserve water there will be enough to go around.

Any other water-saving tips out there?