Wednesday, August 29, 2012

friendly water for the world training

Lately, Joel and I have been feeling led to live out our belief in creation care, eco-justice and sustainability in more practical and active ways. We've been hearing for a couple years about the work of some Friends in our Yearly Meeting who are training people the world over to make biosand water filters, which are relatively cheap and simple-to-make water filters that can help families and communities have easy access to clean water. Their organization is called Friendly Water for the World. They're doing a training in the Northwest in about a week and a half, and we're going to go to it! We don't know exactly how we'll end up using the training, but we have several ideas, so we'll see how the training goes and what comes of it.

If you're interested in helping us get to the training, it costs $329/person to cover the space, food, supplies, etc., so we'd love to have you partner with us in this endeavor. If you could even contribute $5-$10 we'd be eternally grateful!