Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Peace Month Daily Reader, day 24

January 24 – Community          
Jennifer Dalziel                             

Read: Matthew 5:14-16

The role of faith versus works is often an area of confusion in the Christian world. We’re called to act like Christ, but why does it really matter what we do, when we receive salvation through faith alone?
            The way I see it, faith is one’s very personal connection with God. Faith defines our one-on-one relationship with Christ. Works, on the other hand, are an outwardly-directed aspect of a relationship with Christ. Works are what reach beyond the individual, impacting others in our community as a representation of Christ’s inner working. Works reflecting God’s love can challenge and uplift fellow believers. These actions, pointing towards Christ, become a continual reminder of his love for us.
Unfortunately, we often forget that God’s community stretches much wider than just our church. God wants everyone to know God’s love, and it is through our works that we can either spread that love or keep it closed in. We are called to be Christ’s hands and feet, to shine God’s light to all people, to the full community of this world, so that they may know the love of God.
Christ desires more than a relationship with solely you and me. He wants us to shine his light in work, in play, in school, in meetings, in our church, with our families and with our friends. Our works may very well be the only opportunity someone else has to encounter Christ. It is our responsibility to spread the love we have been given.
Though faith alone is enough to guarantee one’s personal salvation, it is often our works that open doors for the salvation of others. 

How are my works uplifting your community and welcoming others to find faith in Christ?

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