Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Peace Month Daily Reader, day 10

January 10 – Peace
Susan Ankeny                  

Read: Isaiah 11:6, 9

            In June, my husband Scott and I took a short trip to Victoria, B.C. We used the B.C. Ferry line that runs out of Tsawassen, which has ferries that depart almost every hour. When we boarded, we realized that this was the port that most out-of-country tourists probably used as well. We saw many skin colors and heard many languages.
            What was fun to notice was the camaraderie among all of us out on the deck.  (Most of the Canadian commuters seemed to ride inside.) Everyone was focused on the beauty of the islands through which we were passing, the magnificence of the sea and the anticipation of more sightseeing when we reached Vancouver Island. There was much smiling and picture-taking. No one was shy to offer to take pictures of other passengers so that people could have pictures of their whole family.
            A week later, our return trip had a much different feel. There were obviously less tourists. Many local people were traveling to the mainland to watch an ice-hockey game. People were more focused on their own little group of traveling companions, talking about work or the game ahead. There was less smiling, less viewing of the sights, hardly any picture-taking.
            It struck me that though, on the first trip, we might not all have been “full of the knowledge of the Lord,” we were all focused on the beauty and wonder of God’s creation. Because that took the focus off of self, it allowed us to be at peace with each other, even enjoying one another, though we came from diverse backgrounds. Oh, if only we could learn to do that on a worldwide scale!

Gracious God, help us to be “full of the knowledge of the Lord” so that peace may reign!  Amen.

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