Monday, January 03, 2011

peace month 2011

This month is the second annual Peace Month in Northwest Yearly Meeting! I'm on the committee that puts it together. Whether you're part of NWYM or not, you're welcome to use the resources we created and compiled. Here's the website.

This year we decided to make the theme "Our Stories of Peace." Last year we did sort of an overview of the peace testimony and talked about peace at various levels (personal, interpersonal, communal, national, international), and this year we wanted people to think about and share their stories, and to hear stories of historical Friends.

We created a Daily Reader, which is a devotional booklet people can use in their time with God each day. It has stories from people around the Yearly Meeting about how they came to the peace testimony and how they have been called and challenged to live out peace and justice in the world. If you want, you're welcome to download it at the aforementioned site.

I'm excited to hear how Peace Month goes this year! May God be in the conversations and controversies that this topic sparks.

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