Tuesday, June 01, 2010

peace activists killed trying to reach gaza by sea

Did you all hear about this? Yesterday early in the morning the Israeli military attacked a peaceful (unarmed) flotilla of six ships carrying hundreds of peace activists from around the world, as well as humanitarian supplies. It sounds like some dignitaries from various places were also aboard the ship. The news reports aren't sure how many people died, but at least two and up to fifteen. The New York Times says nine, but it sounds like they haven't had access to interview anyone on the ships and have to take the Israeli military's word for it--and videos from the flotilla's perspective are available on YouTube.

When they were attacked they were in international waters in the Mediterranean.

Israel says Gaza is its own nation but keeps people from entering via land (which would have to take place via Israel, or by a small border with Egypt), and even by sea, even for bringing humanitarian aid. No matter what you think about the conflict between Israel and Palestine, it's pretty obvious that unarmed peace activists bringing much-needed food and supplies to civilians should not be murdered.

Here are links to some of the news reports on this:

New York Times

Al-Jazeerah composite

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Cherice. The Jews are the most persecuted people in the western world. This gives them the assumption that Israel is always under attack and vulnerable. It also gives them the assumption that they have the right to do about anything. Unfortunately, the US almost totally accepts this. Palestinians pay the price. As Audeh Rantisi asked: "Why do the Palestinians have to pay for what Europe did to the Jews?" Excellent question.

Gr. Ralph