Sunday, November 30, 2008

read about joel's cpt experience

Well, finals are quickly approaching, as are the deadlines for PhD applications, so I probably won't be blogging much in the near future. I'll be writing a paper on Gandhi, studying for a German test, and working on the finishing touches of applications.

In the meantime, please take as an alternative blog (if you don't read it already) my husband Joel's blog. He'll be home in a couple days from Israel/Palestine with Christian Peacemaker Teams. He hasn't gotten to post much from there, but what he has posted so far has been his reflections on the situation. It's crazy how much one can learn in two weeks. And it's amazing how being in a place and actually seeing what it is like can deepen your perspective so much more. He's heard me talk about the situation there, he's heard other people, he's read stuff, he's been relatively informed (compared to most Americans)--and yet, to see it with his own eyes has opened up the suffering and injustice in whole new ways. Go read his blog.

Soon he'll post pictures--because that's what his blog is usually for--so I'm sure that will enhance the information and help the rest of us see the situation through his eyes a bit more clearly.

At least remembering the situation there makes my own adversities (finals and PhD apps) seem much less difficult...but still, please hold me in the Light in the coming weeks as I work on this stuff. May God's will be done regarding further schooling, and may the paper I write be one that connects me more deeply with the Truth Gandhi (and so many others) worked to embody.

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