Tuesday, July 08, 2008

media interviews with delegation members & blog links

Here are a couple of links to interviews so you can hear perspectives of others who were on the Christian Peacemaker Teams delegation to Israel/Palestine with me:

Sam's NPR interview

Brooke's interview

If you want to read other blogs about CPT in Israel/Palestine, here is Brooke's blog (she was on the delegation with me), here is Joy's blog (she's a Northwest Quaker full time with CPT in At Tuwani), and here's Jessica's blog (also a full time CPTer in At Tuwani). Here is a blog by Sami, a Palestinian we met who works with the Holy Land Trust in Bethlehem. He organized the demonstration against the wall in which we participated.

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Benjamin Ady said...


Thank you for the link to Brooke's interview. And thank *you* for writing about your trip!