Wednesday, March 28, 2007

burger king buying cage-free!

I'm a vegetarian mostly because of inhumane treatment of animals, so the announcement that Burger King is going to only buy cage-free eggs, chicken and pork (after a phase-out time) is great news! You can see the NY Times article here. They apparently already have standards for how their beef is raised and slaughtered. They hope this will change the market for more humane treatment of animals, and that their competitors will have to change over, too.

As Friends I think we should care about the ethical treatment of all life, not just humans. I don't know that it's unethical to eat animlas at all, but they definitely should be treated with dignity in life and killed in a way that isn't traumatic.


quakerboy said...

I'm celebrating with you, Friend! Just got an email from PETA about this.

BK was the first fast food chain to market a vegetarian burger on a national level and, as I understand it, treats their employees fairly well.


Nancy A said...

It's important to celebrate even these small steps that organizations make. If we speak to the Light in them, then more will be granted to them.

Laurie Kruczek said...

Cage-free is a step in the right direction, but it doesn't mean the poultry will ever see natural daylight or step outside their crowded warehouse. Cage-free is not free-range, where they are allowed to eat their natural diet of grass, bugs, etc. When poultry is allowed to at least partially free-range, then we can see a real change.

cherice said...

I see this as a cause for celebration because thinking about animal rights and better treatment of our planet is becoming more part of public awareness. But of course it would be better if they were truly free range. I hear that even certified "free range" chickens often don't even go seems like you can't really win. *sigh*