Friday, February 09, 2007

grateful for community

It's been a big couple of weeks. Two weekends ago we had three baby showers, and then the next day I went into labor, and our son Espen Paul was born on February 1! It was 5:11am, and he was 7 lbs 12 oz, 20 inches. He's amazingly cute. And fun, although mostly just eats, sleeps and poops right now, and makes funny little squeaking noises, and sounds like a goat when he cries really hard.

But the reason for the title of this blog is that I am sincerely and utterly grateful for the community we're a part of! We have felt incredibly blessed in the last couple of weeks, from the generosity of our friends and relatives to help us get all the baby supplies we need at showers, to the visitors in the hospital and at home, to the people who have been bringing us meals, to those who call or email with encouraging words. It's so great to be part of this family, both literal and spiritual, to know that people care about us and are praying for us when we're going through new and sometimes difficult experiences. I can't express in words the gratefulness that I feel to all these people, and for the fact that I've been raised in a community that expresses love and care so palpably. I'm excited to raise Espen in this community, too.


Nancy A said...

Cherice - congratulations! I never knew you were pregnant!

Newborns remind us how frail and needy we all are. They wear their frailness on their faces, int the strain of their eyes and their floppy necks.

Get lots of rest. It's so hard at first, so exhausting. Sometimes it seems the exhaustion never ends.

And hello to Espen!

Liz Opp said...

Thanks for sharing the news and the photos. Welcome to the world, beloved Espen!

Liz Opp, The Good Raised Up

Robin M. said...

Eats, sleeps and poops. And is cute. Sounds like he's covering all the bases.

I'm glad to hear that your real life community is taking such good care of you three.

Lovin' Life Liz said...

Congrats, what a cutie!

Johan Maurer said...

I'm feasting my eyes on those beautiful photos, and suddenly two decades and two years rewind, and I'm holding little Luke (now taller than me). Thanks for giving me the first images of my new day.

Love, Johan

Alivia said...

Congratulations Momma & Papa Bock!
Congratulations Espen! Welcome to
your new life. Love, Alivia

Sadie said...

Congratulations Cherise & Joel! What a gift to the world you have brought! We are blessed to be joined by Espen. Sending all 3 of you much prayer and love.
Babies remind of us hope and new beginings for our world. Thank you for sharing that with us all!

Many blessings,

Laurie Kruczek said...

CONGRATULATIONS! He is so very beautiful, so tiny, and I bet smells really good. Gotta love that newborn smell! As a mother of two, I can only say that children are the greatest blessing God gives the world. May you get regular sleep soon.