Tuesday, June 13, 2006

to know and be known

Today I got to spend time with several F/friends with whom I have journeyed through important spiritual experiences in the past. It made me realize I'm enjoying being home, where I know and am known, where I can draw on shared history and experiences, where I'm not starting from scratch in relationships.

Being home and being known have their positives and negatives--it's fun meeting new people in a new place, it's nice blending into the crowd once in a while, it's nice that no one on the east coast remembers me when I was in junior high...but it's also amazing just having dinner with people I haven't seen for a year and taking the conversation to a deeper level than most I've been able to have face to face (except with my husband) in the last year. There is understanding here of one another's souls that can't be formed in an instant (except perhaps by divine intervention). It's fun remembering the experiences we've had together, the ways we've grown spiritually, the things we've learned while we're apart that fit the picture of who we've been and who we've watched each other becoming.

Community is such a gift, and I'm incredibly grateful for it.

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Lovin' Life Liz said...

This post gave me warm fuzzies to read :) (I've read your prior posts, but don't have internet at home so haven't had time to comment).

It sounds like you are doing well on your journey and am excited to hear more about your internship. You may have said already, but remind me again where you are interning at?

I was reflecting today that at about this time next year I was preparing to go to Gathering.....I am still holding that deep in my heart.